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MHM 20-4 Update 25-May-22


Bio Lloyd Kits have arrived at our HQ and a re packed ready for shipping. All invoices have been sent out so if you have not received yours then contact us ASAP.


- BT

Moscato Hobby Models

John Moscato has been crafting resin homage kits since 2005 covering a wide range of subjects and scales. Return 2 Kit Form are proud to act as the international distributor for Moscato Hobby Models resin kits servicing all areas outside of the United States and Canada. 

MHM kits are produced in short runs of 20 -30 kits. Once the run is completed no more kits are produced and it is often years before kits will get another production run if at all. Kits are made and cast to order and there are never spare kits left after the run is complete, so if you are interested in a currently available kit then be sure to place your order - there may not be a second chance.

New kit announcement will be made on the MHM Facebook page, the R2KF website and Facebook page 

How to Order Moscato Hobby Kits:

- If you are in Canada or the United States contact Moscato Hobby Models via their Facebook page.

- Everywhere else contact us at or via the R2KF Facebook page.

MHM do offer pre order incentives during pattern making and mold making phase. Although pre ordering is not mandatory it is encouraged in order to make sure you secure your kit. Once your order is placed and paid for your kit will be cast and allocated to you. Only paid kits are cast and shipped to patrons.

Receiving Your Moscato Hobby Models Kit

MHM kits are shipped to the R2KF warehouse several times a year in order to take advantage of the competitive Australian shipping rates. That means there may be a delay of several months before you receive your kit. While this process is unusual the considerable savings on shipping are a benefit. If the shipping delay is not acceptable then contact MHM directly to place your order but please be aware shipping charges from Canada can be as much as 400% above shipping from Australia. Once your kit in enroute to Australia no changes in shipping arrangements can be made.

If you have any questions then please contact us and we will happy to help.


John at MHM has announced that he will soon start on the patterns for a new 1/48 scale kit. Space Bio Lloyd  will feature:


-built in accordance to original, primary visual source material

-integrated (free-pose) ball-joint system

-parts to build one of the three primary variants (Blue, Green, Red)



Kit price: Sold Out

U.S.A and Canada contact MHM directly

Everywhere else contact R2KF via email or Facebook.

AUD Prices are calculated from the MHM CAD$300/330 price + 4% PayPal Fees

1/48 Scale M-72 Gabriel

The M-72 Gabriel Heavy Infantry full resin kit is now available in limited numbers and in the hero mecha in an all new original world created John Moscato.


The kit stands 171mm (6.73in.) and comprised of 108 rigid and flexible resin parts. Kit breakdown provides for a wide variety of poses to be chosen upon assembly however the kit is not designed  with moveable joints on is


In 1/48 scale the M-72 is compatible with a range of armour and aircraft accessories. 

Kit Price: CAD$160 = 4% PayPal fees.

1/350 Scale Starfish Escort Carrier

1/350 scale Starfish kit is now available in limited numbers for delivery in JAN/FEB 2021. This cast resin  kit features finely rendered details accurate to screen and line art including open hangar nays and in scale Buster escort fighters. Includes decals.

Kit Price: Sold Out.

U.S.A and Canada contact MHM directly

Everywhere else contact R2KF via email or Facebook.

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