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Fit to Model

Bulging biceps, rippling abs and a flawless physique.

About the closest I will ever get to these things is if a Conan the Barbarian figure mysteriously makes its way onto my bench top.  Given that that I rarely drift out of the Macross modelling lane these days’ means that’s pretty bloody far.

The Plastic Posse Podcast and Scale Model Podcast have made mention on the necessity of making sure that you look after your mental health and those of your mates. You will also find loads of posts in forums and groups about making sure you use a extraction booth and respirator to protect against dust and fumes.

And they are 100% right.

But like a set of steak knives that not all folks. It is a fact that our hobby by it’s very nature forces us to beaver away at out benches for long periods of time as we assemble, sculpt and airbrush our way to glory.  So looking after your physical health is just as important as looking after the contents of your brain pan.

According to Safe Work Australia sedentary behavior is defined as anything you do while you are sitting or reclining (sound familiar?).

While no definitive guidelines exist sitting for longer than 30 minutes without a break to stretch and move about and sitting all day are likely to be harmful to your health.

Some of the health issues associated with Prolonged sitting is associated with a range of health problems including:

- musculoskeletal disorders

- cardiovascular disease

- diabetes

- obesity

- poor mental health

- some cancers

-  premature death (cripes that's drastic!)

The negative health effects from prolonged sitting are due to:

- insufficient movement and muscle activity

- low energy expenditure

- not moving enough

- not changing posture enough.


Enough with the alarm bells you say? What can we do you say? Glad you asked.


Put simply the best thing you can do is break up your sitting habits. Try some of these:


- Installing an adjustable height bench to  allow you to work while standing (I use one in my mostly deskbound job at work)

- Stand while sanding parts

- Go for short walks several times a day (your dog will love you for it)

- Take regular breaks

While the above may not seem like much every little bit helps and that goes for fitness and health in general.

We have all had a lot more time at home and at the bench thanks to the Great Unpleasantness so maybe it’s time to make sure we all healthy and fit to build.

So get up, stretch and take a break. Or not. The choice is yours.

- B.T.

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1 Comment

Mar 11, 2021

Excellent advice, Brett. I have a bad habit of sitting on the floor (as Japanese usually do), only to find after an hour of painting work my legs have gone numb and I CAN'T STAND UP...!

Regardless of the position you're in, taking regular breaks is essential.

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