Bio Lloyd - 2nd Run Kit. Kit feature "pick a pose" style joints but is not articulated like an action figure.


This listing is for the mecha + hover sled  and contains parts to build the Red Satan Claws version only. A seperate boxing which includes the hover sled is also available.


The first run of kits for this item has sold out due to popular demand.  As a result a second run is planned but at least 12 kits world wide must be ordered for the run to be green lit. If the orders fall short then pre order payments will be refunded.


AUD price is calculated from the Moscato Hobby Models CAD$530.00 kit price + 4% PayPal fees.


Due to the current flux in prices shipping will be calculated when the kits arrive (October/November) and customers notified.

1/48 scale Bio Lloyd - Mecha + Sled