The anime world was changed forever when the VF-1 Valkyrie burst on the screens in 1982 as the hero machine in Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross. Fans were  again treated to a visual feast when the film version Macross: Do You Remember Love? was released in cinemas in 1984.


Hasegawa has lavished this 1/72 scale GERWALK mode only kit with finely engraved panel lines and details. Markings and decals for the SDF: Macross Hikaru Ichijo VF-1J and the VF-1A markings of Maximilian Jenius and Hayao Kakizaki.


This cleanskin (non FAST Pack) kit features TV style pilot, gunpod and to help keep sit all nice and stable on the shelf the kit also features clear stand.


Product Details


Assembly Type: Traditional. paint and glue required (sold seperately)

Scale: 1/72

Item Size/Weight: 34.0cm x 19.0cm x 5.0cm / 490g

1/72 VF-1J/A GERWALK Valkyrie

SKU: HSG65725