Maximilian Jenius and Milia Fallyna Jenius became the first Human/Meltran couple during the height of Space War 1. After the death of Roy Fokker Hikari Ichijo is promoted to Skull Leader and Max and Milia are both assigned VF-1J in distinctive blue and red  colour schemes.


This is a rebox of the Hasegawa VF-1J Gerwalk kit featuring stunning box art of the raid on the factory satelite from episode 30 of Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross. The box contains one kit that can be build as either Max or Milias machine


Product Details


Assembly Type: Traditional. Paint and glue required (sold separately

Scale: 1/72

Item Size/Weight: 34.0cm x 19.8cm x 13.5cm / 670g

Manufacturer: Hasegawa

1/72 VF-1J Super Gerwalk Valkyrie "Max/Miria"

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