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2022 has been a a year of departure from Hasegawa's normal routine of re popping existing kits with new decals. In fact this kit is the first new tool Zentreadi kit since the early 80's when Imai, Arii and Nichimo rushed to market with the 1/200, 1/100 and 1/72 (later released by Bandai) kits in 1982!


Featuring all new moulds, press fit construction and water slide decals it is possible to build this kit without glue and paint. But the serious builder will want to fill all the seam and paint this sucker up.


For my liking it is far too small but at least it stands up on it's own (a struggle with the Iami/Bandai kit) and is a cheap Regult in plastic which will probably result in the light and heavy missile variants in the future if the sprue breakdown is any indication.

1/72 Zentreadi Regult Standard Type

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