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Let's face the fact that R2KF is a small operation. That's cool because our mission is to engage with the modelling community and promote scale modelling as a worthy hobby to pursue. Don't be fooled into thinking we are a big business as that just isn't the case as we don't have a lot of sales. That means we have to rely on the website hosts shipping calculator which is rubbish (deliberately rubbish I suspect) and don't have the turnover to justify paying for one of the expensive plugins that would do a much better job.

Rather than take a guess at how it will take to get that shiny new kit to your door we have opted to list shipping as zero and send a shipping invoice after the fact. Not ideal but we feel it is the best option. If however you want to know exactly what you are in for up front, feel free to contact us and we will send you an invoice for the total.

We thank you for your patience and are always willing to hear feedback via 

Kind Regards,

Brett and Chrissy

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