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Welcome to TBA - The official blog of Return 2 Kit Form!

Of course TBA is not the name we will end up with but it is a start. It turns out that naming things is hard which is why marketing types get paid a lot a money to think this stuff up. Chrissy and I have a couple of shortlisted names but none of them are really catchy. For example:

- Fine Wine and Panel Lines (except I am hardly a fine wine drinker)

- Sprue Nub

- Kits Gone Bad (I like this one as I can abbreviate it to KBG)

- Rivet Sniffer (Chrissy's favourite)

Anyway we will keep at it until we find something or just get bored and pick on out of a hat.

Why a Blog?

The main reason it that we needed a place to document the first R2KF shop build and Wix have a built in blog feature so I thought why not? Karen from Bligh Park can have a blog where she rages against young people and spruiks her home made poodle warmers. So why not me. Just expect more model related posts and less about knitting.

Shop Builds

I noticed that we hadn't been getting a lot of traffic on the sire since it is so new. So I thought I would start a new kit build as a promotional bit. Now starting a new project is about the last thing I need but I figure if it gets a few more eyeballs then it will be worth it.

So without much thinkin or planning I posted a simple question; If I was to start a Shop Build what would the general public like to see? So I snapped a couple of pics of the options from my personal stash and from the shop stock (which turned out to be a LOT of options) and finished the post.

After a flurry of everybody choosing something different (10 way tie?) eventually Hasegawa's 1/48 scale VF-1s Super strike kit proved the popular choice.

Now that is a big box! So far all I have managed is to have a poke around the sprues and the instructions but overall I feeling pretty excited. I have yet to build the 1/48 kit and will a litany of resin kits on my bench in half finished state and styrene kit will make a nice change.

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